Tethers Unlimited, Inc.’s mission is to build a robust in-space economy that will serve the people of Earth and enable humanity to become a spacefaring society.

Company History:

Tethers Unlimited was founded in 1994 as a partnership between Dr. Robert P. Hoyt and Dr. Robert L. Forward to develop products based upon space tether technologies, including solutions for cleaning up space debris and transporting people and payloads through space. In 1997 the company incorporated as Delaware C-Corp, adding Arthur M. Dula to its Board of Directors. In 2000, Dr. Forward retired, and we added Dr. Dana Andrews and Bob Forward (Dr. Forward's son) to our Board.

Over the past two decades, TUI has expanded its technology portfolio to address industry needs for high-performance components for small satellites, robotic assembly and fabrication technologies, optical fiber winding and deployment, navigation sensors, satellite communications systems, and other advanced technology areas.

As the figure below illustrates, TUI is currently organized to address three markets: the rapidly-growing small satellite industry, the emerging field of in-space manufacturing and construction, and defense-industry markets for spin-off applications of our space technologies.

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