FlatPac™ Optical Tether Deployer for Mobile Robots

An optical tether can provide a two-way, high-bandwidth communications link to mobile robots, ROV's, UUV's, deployable sensors, and other systems. Unlike RF-based communications systems, an optical tether is secure, covert, and immune to the jamming, multipath, and line-of-sight problems.


Tethers Unlimited has developed a unique FlatPac™ Optical Tether deployer packaged for Mobile Robots. The FlatPac unit deploys an expendable optical fiber at very low tension as the robot travels. It includes a flexible 'tail' that minimizes the chance the fiber could be damaged when the vehicle backs up or makes tight turns. The FlatPac Optical Tether is produced using TUI's fully-automated, high-precision process that achieves low pack attenuation and low unit cost. The FlatPac's standard configuration is 14x2.5x4 cm in size, and is available with fiber lengths of up to 700 m of single-mode fiber.


For optical tether systems with retrieval capability to enable retraction and re-use of the cable, please Contact Us.

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