HYDROS™ Water Electrolysis Thruster
Green Propellant, High-Thrust Propulsion for Orbit-Agile CubeSats

Summary: To enable small, low-cost spacecraft platforms such as CubeSats and nanosats to perform missions requiring orbit agility and stationkeeping, TUI has developed the HYDROS Propulsion System. The HYDROS Propulsion System uses on-orbit electrolysis of water to generate hydrogen and oxygen propellant, which are fed to a simple bipropellant thruster. To enable this, we have developed a compact electrolysis cell designed to operate in microgravity. HYDROS enables you to launch your CubeSat with an inert, green propellant - water - and use solar power to provide high thrust and high specific impulse propulsion. The HYDROS system can provide 100 Ns per 100 ml of water, and is readily scalable to provide larger ∆V's.

HYDROS Engineering Model

Integrated Testing of HYDROS Thruster

The HYDROS Propulsion System will be available in two standard configurations: a 1/2U + "Tuna Can" volume [available Summer 2016], and a 1U cube that provides larger impulse bits [Winter 2016].

Status/Availability: The HYDROS thruster is currently at TRL-5; TUI anticipates planned testing will mature it to TRL-6 by Summer 2016. Anticipated availability of flight models is Q1 2016.

HYDROS Product Data Sheet

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