Underwater Optical Tether Deployer

Applying proprietary techniques originally developed to enable deployment of long tethers in space, TUI has developed a technology to enable high-speed deployment of optical fibers underwater. This "Underwater Optical Tether Deployer" (UOTD) is a precision-wound optical fiber pack designed for use in submarine-launched buoys to provide a capability for two-way, high-bandwidth communications for submarines even when they are submerged and moving at high speeds. This optical communications link will provide a revolutionary capability for Navy submarines to participate in full networked warfare operations.


TUI's Underwater Optical Tether Deployer is produced using a fully-automated, high-precision process that achieves low pack attenuation and low unit cost. It has been demonstrated successfully in underwater deployments of up to 4 km of fiber at speeds of up to 30 knots, and at depths of over 400 feet, all with continuous signal transmission.

Linden FIber Wind

Precision Winding of Optical Fibers

TUI has also applied its proprietary precision optical fiber winding technology to fabrication of high-quality fiber winds for applications such as fiber-guided torpedos and mobile robots. The image to the right shows a 2-km wind of Linden Photonics' Strong Tether Fiber Optic Cable (STFOC) for torpedo applications.


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