Optical Tether Deployer and Winding Services

Applying proprietary techniques originally developed to enable deployment of long tethers in space, TUI has developed a technology to enable high-speed deployment of optical fibers underwater. This "Underwater Optical Tether Deployer" (UOTD) is a precision-wound optical fiber pack designed for use in submarine-launched buoys to provide a capability for two-way, high-bandwidth communications for submarines even when they are submerged and moving at high speeds. This optical communications link will provide a revolutionary capability for Navy submarines to participate in full networked warfare operations.TUI's UOTD is produced using a fully-automated, high-precision process that achieves low pack attenuation and low unit cost. It has been demonstrated successfully in under water deployments of up to 4 km of fiber at speeds of up to 30 knots, and at depths of over 400 feet, all with continuous signal transmission.

Winding Capabilities

  • Input Spool Dimensions up to 18″ OD x 20″ H
  • Minimum Winding Spool ID = 3″
  • Polyurethane or custom binders available¬†
  • Binders customizable for neutral buoyancy
  • Connector Options: FC/ST/SC/LC/SMA
  • Variety of Jacketing Options
  • Engineering Support Available

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