Building the infrastructure needed to support a robust and sustainable in-space economy will require advanced and affordable robotic tools. TUI has developed the KRAKEN robotic arm to provide the space industry with a compact, high-performance, and cost-effective manipulator to enable small spacecraft to perform in-space assembly, manufacturing, and servicing missions. The standard KRAKEN configuration is a 1 m, 7 degree-of-freedom arm that can stow in a 19cm x 27cm x 36cm volume, but KRAKEN has a modular design that can be configured to optimize it for your mission application. It integrates a hot-swappable end-effector interface that enables the arm to use a variety of tools. With high speed force sensing in each joint, and an embedded controller supporting force control capabilities, KRAKEN is uniquely capable of supporting the next generation of small robotic spacecraft. 

KRAKEN Arm With Gripper End-Effector
KRAKEN Arm in Stowed Position

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