Introducing the first small satellite mesh crosslink networking system in the universe, SWIFT®-LINQ – now available with the SWIFT-SLX Software Defined Radios. SWIFT-LINQ is a crosslink mesh network built on an IP backbone using TDMA architecture and designed for small satellites. 

Integrate a SWIFT-SLX with SWIFT-LINQ into your bus to unite satellites on a single network. Each SWIFT-LINQ equipped satellite extends to LINQ, allowing your users to access services – such as TT&C, payload data, or sensor data – on any node from anywhere.

In addition, satellites from multiple manufacturers can now communicate on a common network, giving your product more opportunities to perform. By establishing a network of satellites, swarming, autonomy, and collaborative behaviors are now possible. 



  • Extended communications range via multiple nodes over the horizon
  •  Share data between nodes without ground contact
  • Longer ground station contact window from multiple nodes
  • Redundancy for data systems without ground contact

Physical Capabilities

  • Wireless Mesh Network
  • TDMA Solutions 
  • SWIFT platform can support 2-25 nodes
  • SWIFT-HB platform can support 2-255 nodes
  • Manages RF contention between nodes
  • Ad-hoc network formation dynamically managed

 Network Compatibility

  • Built on TRL9 flight tested SWIFT radios
  • Communicates via IP addressing
  • Library support for UDP over SHDLC or serial 
  • Full-duplex data communication
  • AES OTA encryption

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