Big Data from Small Satellites: SWIFT X-Band Radio Delivers Data from York Space Systems’ S-CLASS Microsatellite

Tethers Unlimited, Inc. (TUI) announced that its first X-band radio product, the SWIFT-XTS Software Defined Radio, has successfully reached orbit and delivered data to the ground in support of York Space Systems’ S-CLASS microsatellite platform.

The SWIFT-XTS radio combines TUI’s flight-proven SWIFT-SLX S-band transceiver for telemetry, tracking, and control (TT&C) with a high-performance X-band transmitter designed to provide high-speed mission data downlink.
  The entire radio fits within a 10x10x10 cm volume, enabling small satellites to perform missions requiring high data rates.

“We are very excited that our X-band radio is on-orbit and contributing to the success of York Space Systems’ first flight mission,” said Dr. Rob Hoyt, TUI’s CEO.  “We did have to work through a number of technical challenges to integrate this multi-band, high-speed communications capability into such a small package, so attaining flight heritage for this product is a huge achievement.  Our radio and production teams worked very hard to mature this product to the point where it is ready to support advanced small satellite missions, and the collaboration of York’s engineering team was crucial to the smooth integration and demonstration.”